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How can I help

Through individual psychotherapy, I help those individuals who are manifesting psychological and emotional difficulties and/or want to improve some aspects of their lives. Together we build a personalized program aimed at resolving the issue at hand while enhancing individual resources and qualities. 

Therapy in English and Italian

Support for parenting


Why therapy?

  • If you feel that your psychological well-being is compromised

  • If you are experiencing a difficult time that you cannot overcome alone

  • If you need support in adapting to a significant event

  • If you feel that by delving into the reasons of your discomfort, you could optimize your life

  • If you are searching for a bilingual therapist (English/Italian)

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Therapy Services

Together we will find new ways to maximize well-being, freeing yourself from repetitive and dysfunctional mechanisms

A disabling disorder characterized by uncontrollable recurring thoughts, images and impulses

Set of discomforts and sufferings concerning the communicative, emotional and affective sphere

We will find tools and resources to manage a specific problem

Psychic attitude characterized by constant apprehension for one's health and an obsessive tendency to overestimate the slightest disturbances

Sad, empty, irritable mood accompanied by physical and cognitive discomforts that affect the functioning and well-being of the individual

Parental Guidance

A support to parents to better manage their difficult and challenging role

A combination of cognitive, emotional, behavioral and physiological reactions that hinder the functioning and well-being of the individual

A targeted intervention to achieve specific goals

Therapy in English 

Couples therapy can help process conflicts that often arise from cultural diversity, and make diversity a resource rather than an obstacle

My method

I use psychodynamic psychotherapy which is mainly based on understanding one's emotions and experiences, providing targeted help to live in a more peaceful and conscious way. Psychodynamic psychotherapy aims to understand another person in an empathic and non-judgmental way, within a meaningful relationship. Broadly it explores thoughts, feelings, beliefs, promotes self-reflection, identifies dysfunctional mechanisms and looks at emotional blind spots. I also apply Life Coaching strategies to achieve concrete goals (work, relationships, etc.). Furthermore, I use and teach mindfulness techniques to achieve harmony and balance. Having lived and practiced in different countries I am used in working within multicultural settings. Last but not least I organize yoga and self-development retreats that promote self-knowledge, physical health, tranquility and healthy nutrition.

Studio di psicoterapia

Contact Me
+(39) 3396428080

Thank you!

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