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About Me


I know that I know nothing. Socrates

My name is Selvaggia and I graduated (BA Psychology) from New York University in 1993. After a short break from my studies, during which I did various jobs, I obtained a Masters in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology at the Anna Freud Center in London. I continued my studies and specialized in Existential Counselling Psychology at City University. I attained a post MA in Psychodynamic psychotherapy in 2004. I pursued the Life Coach certificate in 2012. I work mainly with young adults (18-25) and adults in an individual psychotherapy setting. I deal with relationship difficulties, anxiety, self-esteem, personal development, psychosomatics and obsessive disorders. As a Life Coach I help people who are dissatisfied with their lives or who feel they are not giving their best and are stuck in repetitive and unsatisfactory patterns. I practice in my private practice in Rome and Milan. I organize holistic retreats for people who have gone through or are going through a stressful period of their lives in Ibiza . I am a chartered member of the British Psychological Society, and I am a member of the Order of Psychologists of Lazio. I speak and practice in English and Italian.

Professional Experience

1990-1993 NYU Medical Center, New York City


1995-2000 City Youth Counseling Services, London


1996 - 1998 Fox Primary School, London


1998-2002 Goldsmith College Counseling Services, London


2000- 2004 King’s College Hospital, London


2000-2004 The Women’s Practice ,Harley Street, London


2005-2006 Comunità Psichiatrica, Valmontone


2007-2010 Ospedale San Filippo Neri, SPDC, Roma


2008-2014 Consultorio Antera, Roma


2008-today Studio Privato Parioli, Roma

2019 -today Studio Privato, Milano

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