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About Me


About me

Psychologist Psychotherapist Life Coach


Through individual psychotherapy, I help those individuals who are manifesting psychological and emotional difficulties and/or want to improve some aspect of their lives. Together we build a personalized program aimed at resolving the issue at hand while enhancing individual resources and qualities. 



I organize holistic retreats in Ibiza to regenerate, recharge, relax and grow in self-awareness. Yoga, personal development, massage, detox nutrition.

Statua con fiori

Work experience

1990-1993 NYU Medical Center, New York City

1995-2000 City Youth Counseling Services, London

1996 - 1998 Fox Primary School, London

1998-2002 Goldsmith College Counseling Services, London

2000- 2004 King’s College Hospital, London

2000-2004 The Women’s Practice ,Harley Street, London

2005-2006 Comunità Psichiatrica, Valmontone

2007-2010 Ospedale San Filippo Neri, SPDC, Roma

2008-2014 Consultorio Antera, Roma

2008-today Studio Privato Parioli, Roma

2019 -today Studio Privato, Milano

2022-today Modern Health, Los Angeles

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