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When to ask for help

It's not always easy to ask for help. Sometimes we are aware that something is wrong but we are unable to pin point what it is. We should think about therapy when we feel that:

  • our relationships are deteriorating

  • our moods are not allowing us to live our life to the full

  • we repeatedly make the same mistakes that lead us to unhappiness

  • our psychological well-being is being compromised  


The request for help must not be experienced as a failure but as an act of courage that aims at improving our lives. Asking for support should be interpreted as a way of loving yourself!


Therapy Services

Treatment for



Individual Psychotherapy € 65
Transcultural Couple's Therapy €100

However, as established by the CNOP (National Council of the Order of Psychologists), the rate may vary according to the type of service requested and the socio-economic situation of the person.   As a healthcare expense, the cost of the service is exempt from VAT and deductible at 19% if the payment is made through a traceable method, that is, POS, PayPal or bank transfer.

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