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Dr. Selvaggia Wild
Via Guido D'Arezzo 35, Rome 
Enrolled in the Register of Psychologists of Lazio 



All texts on this site are edited by Dr. Selvaggia Wild declares, under her own responsibility, that all information published on this website is distributed in full compliance with the guidelines concerning the application of art. 55, 56 and 57 of the Code of Medical Ethics on the "Advertising of health information" dated 06/04/2007. This site is not funded by any third party, commercial organization or outside sponsor. Dr. Selvaggia Wild funds and supports this site entirely on a personal basis.



This site has the sole objective of informing users about the activity carried out by Dr. Selvaggia Wild. It should be noted that the psychological visit is the only diagnostic tool for an effective therapeutic treatment and that the advice on the site or provided via e-mail must be taken as mere behavioral suggestions.

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